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Session 1, Panel 1: Ritual Ideals, Ritual Realities: Perceptions of Ritual in Early and Medieval China
Session 1, Panel 2: Re-forming History: The Authority of Time in the Mongolian Cultural Areas
Session 1, Panel 3: Japan’s Asia-Pacific War: Alternate Interpretations
Session 2, Panel 2: Eurasian Transmissions of Knowledge
Session 3, Panel 1: Space and Time in Chinese Literature and Historiography: From the Tang to the Contemporary 
Session 3, Panel 2: Animals in Mongol Eurasia
Session 3, Panel 5: The Search for Modernity in Early 20th Century China
Session 4, Panel 1: Social Roles and Role-Playing in Imperial China
Session 4, Panel 2: Beyond Ruler and Ruled: New Approaches and Perspectives in the Study of the Yuan History
Session 5, Panel 2: The Postcolonial Moment in India: A New Reading of State Making 
Session 6, Panel 1: Constructing Power: Comparative Perspectives on Legitimacy and Charisma in pre-modern Asia
Session 6, Panel 4: Stories of (No) Return-Anthropological and Historical Perspectives on Migration to/from/in Southeast Asia
Session 6, Panel 5: Central Asia as a Civilizational Crossroad through Numismatics & Lenses: 9th-15th Centuries: In Memoriam Boris Kochnev
Session 7, Panel 1: Religion and Environment in Early China and the Ancient Mediterranean
Session 7, Panel 6: The Military in Late Imperial China as Reflected in Stories of its Military Leaders
Session 8, Panel 1: Food for Thought: New Studies on Food and Society in Early China 
Session 8, Panel 5: Borders and Culture in Late Imperial China

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